I’ll just come out and say it…I love Italy!

Greetings from Rome.  Ian Cook, Shayna Steele, and I have been here since Monday after an amazing performance with the full 17 piece Bjorkestra with Dave Douglas in Milan.  We played a sold out show for about 900 people and I sold 70 CD’s!!! We were also treated amazingly well by the show’s promoters – the hotel was incredible, and we had two beautiful Italian meals (although maybe a little too much grappa!).  I’m posting a YouTube video of one of the tracks from the concert as we speak, so that’ll be up soon.

I’ll also be posting photos from the trip very soon.  Tonight we’re performing with the 7 piece Bjorkestra with 4 Italian musicians in Torre del Greco in Naples.  It’s on the side of Mt. Vesuvius, so barring any volcanic eruption I’m sure we’re going to have an amazing show!



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