SnapDragon at Festivals

Free improvisation, also called "free jazz," or "free music" is a genre that uses improvisation to create music without rules and borders.  This music is SnapDragon's specialty, and we offer these special workshops that are both educational and inspirational for festival audiences:
The Art of Free Improvisation
Free improvisation is all about creating music in the moment, without a preconceived idea of a musical structure, tonality, or groove.  Join Travis Sullivan and Bob Meyer for a unique workshop as they demonstrate and discuss techniques and strategies  for how they create SnapDragon's free improvisations, and how the ability to "play free" can enhance and enrich one's approach to improvising in all styles of jazz.  This workshop is ideal for jazz educators seeking to incorporate free improvisation into their curriculum, as well as for performers who wish to expand their musical language.
Participants are encouraged to bring their instrument for a free jazz "jam session"  to conclude the workshop.


Free Jazz History
This workshop with SnapDragon will focus on the music of the pioneers of free jazz such as Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor, and John Coltrane, and how their explorations and innovations  impacted the jazz tradition.  Gain new insights about their music through live demonstration, recordings, and discussion.


Composing and Arranging for Free Improvisation
Free improvisation doesn't always mean creating something from nothing.  In this workshop we will discuss methods on how your own original compositions and arrangements can serve as a vehicle for free improvisation.  Travis and Bob will demonstrate with examples of their own work how they approach composing for free jazz, and how the elements of free jazz can be applied to your own work.


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