In NH…and my computer has H1N1

Not exactly H1N1, but last night my computer acquired a modern “rogue” virus.  Watch out for these, they masquerade as anti-virus software that scans your computer for viruses, but it is actually installing itself.  This has happened in the past to me, where a window has popped up in my browser indicating that I may have viruses on my computer, but I always thought it was shady so closed out the window.  Last night I was too slow.  The next thing I know I have this program installed on my computer that is called “Anti-Virus 2010” that looks almost official.  It says I have something like 23 viruses on my computer, then it asks for information to register the program.  I can’t log onto the internet, and I can’t uninstall the program, and I can’t change my desktop wallpaper, which now has a big box saying “security alert” in the middle of the screen.  I brought the laptop to Staples today, and they’re doing a virus cleanup on my poor little (I wish it were little, it weighs like 1000 lbs.) Dell laptop from 2004.  The Staples guy supressed laughter when I showed it to him.  They’re performing this service for $130.oo, hopefully it will get the computer up and running again. 

I’m up in NH now, flew in today on Delta and I’m here until Monday.  Looking forward to a real mellow and productive next few days up here.  One piece of good news…the booker at the 55 Bar finally wrote back to me after writing to him about 30 times…but I’m very excited because it looks like we’ll be getting a date for the Identity Crisis in 2010!

Speaking of dates…get ready for January 13, another Calvosa-Sullivan Project gig at Googie’s Lounge.  Save the date!!!


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