Back to Booking…

Trying to get gigs in NYC is pretty tough.  There are so many musicians here and only so many places to play.  Sure, there are plenty of restaurant gigs and things like that around, but in terms of actual performance spaces where people go to listen to music…there are only so many of those.  Of course, the more popular that they are too, the more competition there is to get your foot in the door.

I’ve actually been a bit lucky over the past few years.  With the Bjorkestra I’ve always had a manager or an agent do all the booking for me.  I’ve booked my own shows here and there, but if you get out of the habit of it like I have, that hustle-muscle that’s necessary in order to gain any sort of momentum in booking shows atrophies quite easily.  Lately I’ve been concentrating more on getting some dates in the books for my other bands, like the Identity Crisis and the Travis Sullivan Quartet, and am experiencing once again what it’s like to be in the trenches (so to speak).

In order to get booked at shows in NYC, it seems that it is very important to make your presence known physically.  Basically, you have to make the hang.  Last night I went to Cornelia St. Cafe for the monthly Artist’s Salon.  It was a nice wine & cheese type of event where artists congregate and schmooze the curators. The music curator, Poul, is a trumpet player and a very nice guy from Denmark…and it was great to meet him again and catch up. I am trying to put a show together at Cornelia St. Cafe with George Garzone.  If it works out I’ll be psyched!!!


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