A nice long walk in Manhattan on a winter’s day!

I’m gearing up for what looks to be a fun spring – some performances with great bands and new people. 

I got out of work a little after 5pm yesterday and I had about 90 minutes to kill before my gig playing piano for Bill Bogg’s for his one man show “Talk Show Confidential,” so I decided to walk to the performance space (The Triad Theatre) on W. 72nd St & Broadway from Pfizer, which is between 2nd & 3rd on 42nd St., near Grand Central Station.  It took me a little over an hour, but I was able to take my time and walk through the city, enjoying a chilly late afternoon New York City dusk.  The soundtrack for part of the excursion was Radiohead’s “In Rainbows,” on my Blackberry, but after a while I got sick of that (I usually can only listen to 2 or 3 Radiohead tunes at a time before I get bored) and just walked and listened to the sounds of a bustling Manhattan.  When I got to Times Square I stopped by Sam Ash and bought some much needed reeds, snuck into the TGIFridays to go to the bathroom (by the way, if you’re ever in Times Square and need to take a potty break, this is the place to go – they don’t have a “customers only” policy, about the only reason to ever go into a TGIFridays!), and walked up Broadway to Lincoln Center.  The fountain in Lincoln Center plaza was gently on, and the Met was all lit up, a very beautiful NYC evening scene.  I went into Avery Fisher Hall and picked up some brochures about their upcoming season…I don’t go there enough! After that I walked the six blocks up to the Triad and hung out until the show.  I very relaxing evening, plus a nice workout!

Coming soon…I’m editing the recordings from the BAM show with George Garzone, Rachel Z, and Clarence Penn.  I’ll post those soon!


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