Please Vote for Jamia!

Beautiful and smart. Vote for Jamia!

Happy Friday.  February is just cruising by isn’t it?

My girlfriend Jamia is trying to get to the final round of a competition on Change.org.  People are submitting their “Ideas for Change in America” and hers is a great one.  The 10 most popular ideas will be selected in March, and will be presented at an event in Washington D.C. to members of the Obama Administration.  They will also be supported and implemented by Change.org via a grassroots effort.

Here is Jamia’s pitch, in her own words:

I intend to create Citizen Expat, an online community that will provide American expatriate progressives with a netroots organizing center that will enable them to remain connected and engaged in the movements they care about at home on the internet and on the ground.

Utilizing user-driven media, Citizen Expat will provide them with an interactive blog that will enable progressive expats to educate each other and engage in discourses across borders. Moreover, Citizen Expat will provide a space for progressive expatriates to make their individual voices heard as a powerful collective force in the US political discourse.

Thus far she has 72 votes, and she needs about 50 more to make it into the final round.  Click here to go directly to the voting area at Change.org.  There are only 6 days left to vote, so don’t delay!

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