Hermeto Pascoal yesterday at Lincoln Center

Man…I go through the everyday drudgery that can be life in NYC, and then I experience something that totally validates why I live here.  Yesterday I got to see one of my musical idols, Hermeto Pascoal, perform a free concert with this band in Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center.  His group was a seven piece unit, and it was nothing short of mind blowing.  He had this amazing vocalist performing with him, singing these incredibly intricate rhythmic lines, with an extraordinary range, and they were playing these very fast Brazilian grooves so relaxed.  Such a fun show to watch too.  Hermeto is like a musical Santa Claus.

Opening up for them was the Asphalt Orchestra, a group that’s come to my attention only recently, becoming friends with its leader Ken Thompson on Facebook.  They were really cool, and I was surprised to find out how many people I knew in the band: Sunny Jain, Alan Ferber, the Kneebody guys Ben Wendel and Shane Endsley, and Alex Hamlin.  Very cool modern marching band music!

So, I guess I’ll stay in New York.  😉  This IS where the music is happening.


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