An endorsement deal and (another) new saxophone!

In a very amazing turn of events, I was fortunate enough to become an endorser for a company that is making some amazing saxophones – RS Berkeley.  A few weeks ago while I was in L.A. I got a message from Christian Fabian, an old friend of mine, who let me know that this company was looking for endorsers.  They already have some great horn players using their instruments, including Erica von Kleist, Mike DiRubbo, and Sharel Cassity, so I decided to give it a whirl.  I went out to RS Berkeley’s office in New Jersey and tried out five different horns from their “Virtuoso” series: a regular lacquer, a black nickel plated, a matte finished, a silver plated, and a dark lacquer.  I fell in love with the dark lacquered one.  It feels sort of like a Mark VI and has a beautiful clear tone. So I was able to sell my “old” horn (thanks again Sean!) for what I paid for it and purchase the new one at cost.  Phew! Two horns in two months after having the same saxophone for 22 years.  I think I’ll be with this one for a while though.

You can check out my endorser page on the RS Berkeley site here.

Some photos (and hopefully some audio samples!) real soon.


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