I’m on an episode of “The Real Housewives of NYC” tonight

This is totally random I know! But true.  Last November I was asked to go to the home of Alex, one of the “Real Housewives,” to play a new piano that she had purchased for their 7 year old son as a birthday surprise.  Bravo was there to tape the whole thing, and I just found out that the episode is airing tonight.

Here’s the problem though – there’s a “Real Housewives” marathon going on right now…and I have no idea which episode I’m on! So, if you’re randomly flipping channels tonight on the tube – maybe you’ll see me.  If you’re planning on watching the marathon tonight: let me know what the episode is, then go and get a life.  In that order. 🙂

Just as an aside, do you remember when Bravo was an arts channel? How times change.


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