Now I finally have a Travis Sullivan press kit…it’s about time!

For the past seven years there’s been a lot written about the Bjorkestra, but not so much about me (sniff,sniff, boo hoo, etc.).  Actually, that’s been extremely gratifying, but since I’ve been shifting my focus towards my own music, I’ve realized there has been a huge deficiency in having any press “of my own” that I can utilize to develop a Travis Sullivan press kit to get gigs and, consequently, achieve world domination.

That has all changed over the past few weeks though, because the reviews have been pouring in for “New Directions” and now my website has it’s very own press page.  Also, for your reading pleasure, here are the most recent press items:

And if you like what you read, please go to www.posi-tone.com and buy a copy (or two, or ten) of “New Directions”!



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