Back on the blog

It’s been like a year since my last blog post, and I’m feeling the urge to do some writing again – especially since The Walking Dead is done for the season – maybe blogging will fill the void. I’m hoping, as always, that I’ll be a little bit more consistent about writing and keeping this blog up to date.

I don’t have that much time to write right now – I’m getting my taxes done today (wish me luck, I think this might be the first year I have to pay out something to the IRS) but I did want to share a few things that I’m checking out right now BESIDES The Walking Dead AND The Walking Dead Game (which, if you’re not a video gamer but a fan of the show, you’re missing out!).

Bud Powell Transcriptions “Music for Millions” Series – This is a semi-crappy book of transcriptions, but it’s really cool to play (slowly for me) through some of Powell’s solos.  Such a genius!

25 Ornette Coleman Transcriptions – I found this book at the New York Performing Arts Library.  The charts for these tunes are really well done and focus on Ornette’s tunes from the 60’s.  Super inspiring and informational.

Hal Leonard’s Coltrane Transcriptions – Transcribed by Carl Coan – Makes me realize that although I want to play like Coltrane did in the 60’s (I mean, who doesn’t) I never have really investigated what he played during that era on a deeper level.  There’s stuff from Giant Steps/Blue Train in there too – but I’m particularly interested in trying to absorb some of his playing from the classic quartet.

So, time to practice!


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