Website Update and a New SoundCloud Playlist!

I hope everyone is having a great summer! It can’t believe we’re already halfway through August.

The new album is mixed and mastered and I’m working on getting a firm release date together, so more about that real soon.  In anticipation of the new album, I’ve updated my website with some new tracks and video clips to enjoy, with more on the way in the coming weeks.

I’ve also updated my SoundCloud page with a new playlist that includes some clips from a recent Travis Sullivan Trio rehearsal.  You can listen to that here: https://soundcloud.com/travisoraziosullivan/sets/sessions-and-rehearsals.  Here’s what is on the playlist thus far:

Secret Journey: An excerpt from TST’s first complete run through of my arrangement of this song by The Police, arranged by yours truly.

Free Improvisation:  We started the rehearsal by playing what ended up being about a 20 minute free jazz odyssey.  This track contains about 4 minutes of some excellent freeness.

8/10/16: A new samba-esque tune that was finished on my 3rd Wedding Anniversary, so unless I can think of a better title, I think this is going to be the name of the song!

I’ll be adding more tracks soon, since I now have a backlog of a few months worth of recorded material.  In the meantime, enjoy!


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