Some big band fun!

This blogging may just turn into a habit!
I’ve added a couple of tracks to my “Sessions & Rehearsals” playlist on Soundcloud. 2 recordings of original compositions for big band, from a rehearsal with the Travis Sullivan Big Band this past May. Enjoy!
A Reason Why

Space Suite Part 2

Here are the players in the band:

Me: alto saxophone: Benjamin Drazen, alto & soprano saxophone; Mike McGinnis, tenor saxophone; Sam Dillon, tenor saxophone; Carl Maraghi, baritone saxophone; Kevin Bryan, trumpet; Bill Mobley, trumpet; Irv Grossman, trumpet; Eli Asher, trumpet; Nick Grinder, trombone; Dave Gibson, trombone; Matt McDonald, trombone; Max Seigel, trombone; Adam Klipple; piano; Gabe Cummins, guitar; Michael O’Brien, bass; Marko Djordjevic, drums.



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