Meet the Trio!

Here is a quick introduction to the other players that you’ll be listening to on “Seas & Trees!”

john menegonJohn Menegon is the true veteran of the group, and was the bassist for both Dewey Redman and David “Fathead” Newman for several years.  He can be heard leading his own bands and he is also a jazz professor at SUNY Newpaltz.  In addition to his amazing playing on “Seas & Trees”, he is also the recording engineer! We recorded the album at his Upland Recording Studio in Woodstock, NY.

Dave having a little fun...
Dave having a little fun…

Dave Berger is a drummer and close friend that I’ve known and played with for nearly 2 decades, and his serious commitment to the artistry and technique of jazz drumming shines through on “Seas & Trees.” Dave is also the co-producer for the CD, and contributed a great deal to the mixing and mastering of the album. He can be heard in a number of different musical situations throughout the upstate NY area, where he is a much sought after drummer!



“Seas & Trees” will be released next week, September 13th on BandCamp! Stay tuned…


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