The Danny Seraphine Big Band Show Was Awesome!

Thanks to everyone that came out this past Thursday to check out the Danny Seraphine Badass Rockin’ Big Band.  The Cutting Room was packed, it’s a beautiful room, and the sound was great too! I’m thinking this would be a good place to do a Bjorkestra reboot when the time comes.  I’ve never shared the stage with someone who is Here’inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Chicago was last year) so that was a particular honor for me, not to mention playing with Will Lee.  Those cats combined with a band full of accomplished New York City musicians, it’s absolutely staggering to think of the collective yeas of experience on that stage.  I also have to say that it was so heartening to have the audience be so enthusiastic about hearing live music.  It’s alive and well folks, and it’s awesome to see how people react to the incomparable power and energy of a full big band. I’m hoping that I get to perform with this group again real soon!

Here’s a vid from the show.  A cool arrangement of “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin.


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