Hey Kids! It’s Brahms Wednesday!

Now for something completely different.  I’ve been learning Johannes Brahms’ solo piano work “Fantasiestucke” (Fantasy Pieces), Opus 116 for the better half of 2018, and I’m happy to say finally ready to start sharing my performance of these pieces.  Op. 116 consists of seven short piano pieces, mostly following an ABA form.  Here is my recording of the first one: “Capriccio in D Minor.” It’s a total beast!

I’ve recorded almost all of these pieces and will be sharing the remaining six pieces  (more than likely in 2’s or 3’s – I just wanted to get the ball rolling with this one) over the next couple of weeks.

Interesting and somewhat perplexing music at times I’ve found.  Some really beautiful and cool moments throughout though.  I hope you enjoy this piece and I look forward to sharing the complete work in the coming days.



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