Another Brahms Wednesday

A piano student of mine recently asked me: “Brahm’s Wednesday, is that really a thing?” My answer was: “You’re damn right it is!”

Well, it is now anyway…ha!

Here’s another two pieces from Opus 116.  #3 is another Capriccio in the key of D minor (as the first piece in this set).  #4 is an Intermezzo in E Major that is one of my favorites from this set.  Really a beautiful piece.

I’m adding tracks to the original playlist as I record and share them.  I don’t have time to edit the playlist right now, but the new pieces are “Brahms_116_3” and “Brahms_116_4”

Also, I’m definitely going to write more in detail about this work soon, but for now,enjoy and HBW (Happy Brahms Wednesday)!



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