The Complete #21DaysofVGM Playlist

21 Days of VGM Playlist

For the first three weeks of April I composed every day as part of VGM Academy’s “21 Days of VGM Composition Challenge.”  I’ve learned a lot from this, and successfully completing this challenge has given me a lot more confidence as a composer.  

I’ve been posting a new piece every day on this blog, and if you want to know what inspired each individual piece please check out the individual blog posts.  The requisite amount of composing each day was 2-4 bars of music, and the music here ranges from 4 bar cues to full songs.  I also used this as an opportunity to experiment with styles and techniques that I haven’t touched upon as of yet in my composing, and there is a little bit of everything here, including orchestral, heavy metal, blues, electronic, and choral music.  

Here’s the playlist, in order of appearance.  Thanks and enjoy the music!


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