Stop, Drop, and Blog!

Recently I have been having to drive a whole bunch, and I have been inspired by listening to the audiobook version  “The Practice: Shipping Creative Work.”  by Seth Godin.  Check it out.  It is both a call to action for creative entrepreneurs and a whole lot of truths that cut through the illusions of modern day creative practice.  It’s gotten me blogging again.  Three days in a row!

It’s also reaffirmed my continuing commitment to my classical piano practice, which has been fairly serious and consistent over the past year.  It’s probably why I’m not gigging that much as a saxophonist these days, but I haven’t lost interest in that either.  On the horizon – “Altoism: The Masters of the Alto Saxophone” will be playing in North Carolina.

I guess one thought that I have is that this is not a period of creative hibernation or gestation.  This is a definite reevaluation and regrouping of forces and the next move is coming soon.  Stay tuned!





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