I am officially a video game composer

A nice announcement! I have landed my first paid gig as a video game composer.  I’m working on an indie game, and the trailer music is currently in development. I am very excited to be working with a brilliant and ambitious game developer and I’m learning a whole new slew of things about the video game industry and marketing.  I’m not going to give any description yet of what this game is, but it is right up my alley and I couldn’t ask for a better scenario for my first full on foray into the professional world of game audio.  The idea of merging my passions for jazz and video games came about nine years ago so it’s especially thrilling for me to have achieved this milestone.

In other news, I am officially done for the year with my job at Paul Effman Music.  It was a great year of music and I’m very proud of all of my students and their musical accomplishments this year!



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