Birthday Reflections

It will be my 53rd birthday this week and I have to say how grateful I am for that and for the all the wonderful people in my life.
Did some recording at home of some old tunes.  This may morph into something – an album maybe? Could be fun to do something completely on my own, but an ensemble album.  Anyway this is a step in the right direction and it sounds funky.  Could be a good demo.  I’m rambling.  But isn’t that what blogs are for?

I’m performing at the end of the month with the vocalist Jaana Narsipur.  I was supposed to do this same gig with her last month but it got rained out.  Hopefully Mother Nature will be kind on July 26th.  The band is great too and it’s in a park in Larchmont.  I think my next move is to update my gig calendar because I don’t think it’s there.  Man I got to update some stuff.  Summer activities!

More to come…



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