The Long and the Short of It: Duo Improvisations

“The Long and the Short of It: Duo Improvisations” is the first album from SnapDragon, featuring Travis Sullivan on alto saxophone and Bob Meyer on drums.  Currently available as a digital download only on CD Baby!

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All compositions by Travis Sullivan and Bob Meyer


  1. Blue State Mint
  2. Traveling Cascade
  3. Mysteries of the Deep
  4. Ayler & Son
  5. O.C.URD1
  6. The Long and the Short of It
  7. Pastor Al
  8. Swing Set
  9. Sandbags from Heaven
  10. Where the Shmear and the Cantelope Play
  11. Whaddayacallit
  12. Middle of a Hurry
  13. See and Do


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