Happy New Year everyone! The North Creek Adventure

I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve! My girlfriend and I traveled to Albany to have a little bit of a reunion with my friends Dave Berger and Nick Mancini, along with all of our respective significant others. We’re still up here at Dave and Tina’s awesome house in Clifton Park, totally relaxing, playing music, and generally gearing up for 2010. 

Last night Dave had a gig at a nice restaurant/wine bar – Bar Vino  – in North Creek, a sleepy village about 90 minutes north of Albany.  The six of us piled into Nick’s mom’s minivan for the trip.  Dave was playing with a quartet with a bunch of nice guys from the area, and Nick and I sat in on a number of tunes.  New Year’s Fun!!!

Anyway, enough writing.  Here is a little bit of a North Creek photoessay:


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