In the studio with Jed, and a show for next week!

The holiday season is officially over and I’m back in Brooklyn gearing up for the New Year.  Yesterday I was in the studio in sort of an associate producer role for Jed Davis’ “Yuppie Exodus from DUMBO.”  I always enjoy these sort  of experiences where I’m acting as a consultant more-or-less, and I like it even more when people actually welcome my input, which was the case yesterday.  The song came out great and I was very happy with the arrangement that I wrote.  At the end of the session we recorded a bunch of us in the studio “partying it up” so that it sounds on the track like there’s an audience having a good time at a Dixieland jam.  Being a musician can be so much fun!
The first performance of the year is coming up next week the Calvosa-Sullivan Project.  We’re playing at Googie’s Lounge…which reminds me that we haven’t yet put a rehearsal together for next week…just ten days away on January 13th (yikes!).  It should be awesome though.  In November we went into the studio and recorded a four song demo that came out really nice.  Our good friend Sam Minae is in the process of mixing the demo for us, and although I haven’t heard the finished product yet, I’m sure it’s going to be great.  I’ll be posting the tracks soon to be sure.  We’re also going to have a new Facebook page for this band real soon. 

Looking forward to a great week.  Stay warm everyone!


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