NCPC Day 3 and Back in NYC…

“I feel faces and traces of home back in New York City!”

I got back yesterday from an amazing trip.  I learned a whole lot about the performing arts industry while I was in Asheville for the North Carolina Presenters Consortium annual meeting and made some great connections.  The pitch meeting was a bit nerve racking but it was cool as well.  The pitch video was presented on a huge screen in the Wortham Center Theater, and I said a few words about myself and my Altoism program in front of a fairly large audience of presenters and artists.  Really good people and vibes all around.

I also sat in at Little Jumbo with Jay Sander’s band, who is a fantastic guitarist and a definite kindred spirit.  Will Boyd played alto and soprano and he sounded burning as well.  Good times!

The two tunes I played on were songs that I were not familiar with, although I had heard of Yusef Lateef’s “Nubian Lady,” Mingus’ “Big Alice” was a completely new one for me.


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