Back on the Blog

I made a commitment to myself a couple of weeks ago to blog every day, and yesterday I completely forgot to blog! But here I am back on it.  I’m giving myself some grace because yesterday I had 5.5 hour drive to Washington D.C.  for a weekend-long event with my wife’s family.  Last night was the “meet and greet” which was an awesome cookout at Jamia’s Uncle John’s house.  There were some really good eats there: fried chicken, baked beans, collards, hot dogs, etc.  I can’t even really think about food right now though I’m fully stuffed!!! And it’s happening again tonight as well, and I’m hearing about how there will be ribs on the grill tonight.  I must prepare myself for another round of binge eating!

I was just thinking about “Atomic Habits” by James Clear.  Highly recommended book and it has been helpful in making the blogging habit happen.  Also the two other books that are highly recommended: “Getting Things Done” by David Allen and “The Practice: Shipping Creative Work” by Seth Godin are really motivational and inspirational.

Be kind to yourself!



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